My Predilection for Movies

I won’t be bragging about the ideal list that is posted and rated by almost every website available for public viewing. Rather, I would like to share a list of 5 movies that I have actually watched and that have influenced me in some or the other way.

1) The Shawshank Redemption: This 1994 Frank Darabont movie made me feel like a nincompoop, as prior to watching the movie I used to believe in the nonexistence of movies based on a dynamic story-line and an intriguing plot. According to me, this movie defined the modern era of film-making. It has all the right ingredients in proper proportions ranging from solid acting performances by Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman to proven directional acumen of Frank Darabont. movies123 Specifics cannot be explained through words, so you need to realize the aesthetics of creativity while watching the movie.

2) The Matrix: The era of modern science fiction, slick action sequences and charismatic slow motion cinematography was pioneered by the movie. The concept of dual reality and the existence of a world controlled by machines, which use human body heat and electrochemical energy as their own energy source and imprison human minds in the virtual world of “Matrix”, needs some serious amount of thinking while watching. In fact, the lead actor, Keanu Reeves himself once confirmed that he was not able to completely grasp the plot of the Wachowski Brothers. It’s basically a fight of the machines and humans in a virtual world, where the ultimate aim of the humans (the hackers) is to hack into “Matrix” and defeat the machines (powerful computer programs). In a world racing towards automation and digital devices, you will be forced to think of such a remote possibility (the ultimate dominance of machines over their creators, i.e. the humans) as depicted in the movie.

3) Inception: After watching “Memento” and “The Dark Knight”, little did I realize that director Christopher Nolan has still some juice left to baffle his fans in the form of “Inception”. The concept and story-line of the movie defies practical logic, but from a creative point of view the concept of “dream stealing” and “time travel” has been brilliantly portrayed in the movie. Acting performances and cinematography have been deftly delivered, as well. But then, this kind of movie is not just any layman’s cup of tea as you got to have that creative bend of mind and weird sense of logic to appreciate such movies. The key here is patience, which will help you join the required dots in between plot switches. If you agree with these conditions, enjoy the ride.

4) City of God: This Fernando Meirelles (Brazilian) movie skilfully depicts one of the harshest realities ever documented in a movie. The scene is of the slums of Rio-de-Janerio, where 2 young boys are shown treading on different walks of life. One goes on to become the most notorious young gangster of the region by brutally eliminating rival gangs, while the other, wanting to escape the harsh reality of violence and poverty, goes on to become a photographer. The movie also demonstrates a different form of cinematography, with very fast-paced and jerky hand-held video camera type scenes almost dominating the entire run-time of the movie. Some of the scenes are really unexpected and one should watch this with utter discretion. The amount of shock and awe that this movie breeds inside you will make you sit straight and urge you to hope for truce.

5) Fight Club: The plot of the movie is pretty unique and weird to some extent – a trademark that defines David Fincher. The concept of split personality is brilliantly portrayed from Fincher’s viewpoint and equally well handled on-screen by Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helen Bonham Carter. Do not spoil your experience with the spoiler, if you haven’t watched the movie. This is surely to leave a lasting mark on your grey cells. Many would find it familiar at some point in their personal or professional life that when things aren’t going the way you want it to, you tend to create your own utopia out of frustration.

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